Heart di Vite: For the Love of Art, Science, and Our Environment

What happens when we bring together Napa Valley’s finest biodynamic winemakers with San Diego’s top green chefs?


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Valentin Popov

Valentin had no intention of becoming an artist.  However, his childhood environment in the former Soviet Union was filled with artists, including his art-professor father who had a profound influence on the young Popov.  He started taking an easel and going outside to play around with landscapes.  Fast forward several years, Popov graduated from the prestigious Academy of Art in the Ukraine and became, unequivocally, one most talented and expressive modern Renaissance talents of contemporary time, equally skillful at painting, etching, collage, photography, sculpture, and installation.  His works have been exhibited at the world’s finest museums and galleries, including Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC), National Museum of Ukrainian Art (Kiev), Yale University Museum, Mimi Ferzt Gallery (NYC), and Modernism Gallery (San Francisco) where his works are currently being represented.