Heart di Vite: For the Love of Art, Science, and Our Environment

What happens when we bring together Napa Valley’s finest biodynamic winemakers with San Diego’s top green chefs?


The Hearts Collection

What does environmental sustainability and conservation mean to you?  UCSD students responded to this question through their unique creative talent – using a blank, recycled hardwood heart as their canvas. The result is The Hearts Collection – a unique series of original works of art, each one a compelling and heartfelt expression about the need to preserve our environment and protect biodiversity for generations to come.  Over 15 Hearts were submitted as part of a contest, and we are pleased to announce and feature our three winners:

First place
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
by Shannon Xu

Shannon Xu

Second place
Nicole Oliver

Nicole Oliver

Third place
Life Recycles
by Adena Pepich

Adena Pepich