Heart di Vite: For the Love of Art, Science, and Our Environment

What happens when we bring together Napa Valley’s finest biodynamic winemakers with San Diego’s top green chefs?


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Professor Steve Hedrick, PhD

Distinguished Professor and Chair, Molecular Biology
Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Chancellor Associate Endowed Chair VII, UC San Diego

Professor Hedrick is a world-renowned research scientist in the field of immunology working on the regulation of the immune system. His primary research interests include cell death, signal transduction, and sum of lymphocyte dynamics. In addition to fascinating biology, regulation of lymphocytes is critically important for almost all of the diseases affecting an aging population: immune hypersensitivity, including asthma; autoimmunity, such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis; cardiovascular disease; cancer; and metabolic diseases such as Type II diabetes. Dr. Hedrick is also an avid cyclist and art collector.